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Carol-Ann Wachter

John Paul Davis is…

  • Incredible
  • Has great craftsmanship
  • Done in the time frame he set
  • Did extra to get the job done
  • Stuck to the budget
  • He is very organized

“Every morning I wake up and love my floors…”

Chris & Deb Michael

“…gets straight to the point.”

“…Davis is the only guy to clean up after himself every day.”

“The house is so much cleaner, especially with so many pets.”

Downtown Yoga Studio

Jim & Ginger Emmett

Full bathroom remodel

“Highly recommend.”

“…very meticulous.”

“…it was all done just right.”

Phil White

“Impressed with his ability to transfer his knowledge about what he does.”

“…very passionate about his work.”

“Can’t speak highly enough about him.”

“Extremely satisfied with his work.”

Shannon & Mitch Anderson

“John is very professional.”

“We appreciated that he works on his own.”

“I was really excited…”

“…feels like it was meant to be.”

Custom Home

Weave Job